Learn About HIPP Benefits

Alabama Medicaid recipients who qualify for HIPP benefit in many ways. Members receive:

  • Coverage of group health insurance AND Medicaid as long as you qualify, including benefits Medicaid may not cover.
  • Reimbursement for the cost of health insurance provided by a job or COBRA.
  • Access to a wider network of doctors through group insurance coverage.
  • Coverage of most out-of-pocket medical expenses by Medicaid, once the bill is received from a participating Medicaid healthcare provider.
  • Health care for your entire family, even family members who are not eligible for Medicaid, if found to be cost-effective for the State of Alabama.
  • Monthly reimbursements are paid directly to the policyholder by check or direct deposit as long they are in good standing with the HIPP program.
Note: If the recipient elects to go to a non-Medicaid provider, Medicaid will not pay out-of-pocket expenses.

Applying for AL HIPP is easy! Click here to complete a HIPP application. Not sure if you would qualify? Need help? Call us at 1-855-MyALHIPP (1-855-692-5447) for assistance.